Training School


Our training classes are developed with recreation baker in mind for a fun eventful baking experience. “The best part we will have our classes not just satisfy but with some extra sweet to share and show off” (classes sizes are limited so signup early).

Click the link below for more information about our class times and schedule.

Private and Group Cake Baking or Decorartion Classes

A private class is a class tailored to the specific needs of the student and customized based on his or her recommendations. Maximum requirement is a total of four (4) students.

Duration of class is for 6hrs per day, usually scheduled from 10am – 4pm, for complex topics, we will confirm to the student how long the private classes should be.

All ingredients will be supplied by infusion cakes and café while student are to bring their tools and accessories that will be used during the course.


We accept internship all year round. The internship program lasts for three months, which will open up an opportunity for interns to work in both our decoration and bakery section. Every intern is treated as a full staff of infusion cakes and café.